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In , a team of female coders at Japanese gaming company Koei broke with tradition, launching the first romance game for women, "Angelique". Based on the quest of a blonde teenage girl, who is a candidate to be the next " Queen of the Universe ", to choose her perfect suitor, it was wildly successful. Japanese businesswoman Nanako Higashi and her husband, Yuzi Tsutani, saw a niche in this lucrative sector.

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So, in the mids the duo pivoted their punk gaming business, Voltage , to cater to the female audience, debuting their first dating app for women "My Lover is The No. Today, Voltage is a world leader in female romance simulation apps, catering to female "otaku" -- intense fans of popular culture, such as anime and manga -- and other curious women.

Party " is one of Voltage's most popular apps. More of a "choose your own path" manga novel than a typical mobile phone game like Candy Crush, for example, all romance apps are presented as stories, in chapters , it immerses the user in the war-torn Sengoku Era to , where the waitress protagonist has to runaway to save her brother's life, and conveniently meets 12 potential samurai suitors along the way.

Japanese women play the game of love: Era of Samurai Code of Love — Voltage's romance game "Era of Samurai Code of Love" takes players back to the world of Shinsengumi warriors, where a slew of swordsmen vie to steal their heart. As the warlords vie for power, you're courted by various with strong samurai suitors who show their softer sides.

The next morning, she wakes up alone in a hotel room -- half naked. Enchanted in the Moonlight — Supernatural powers and human lust are the key concepts in "Enchanted in the Moonlight". Gangsters in Love — Dangerous gangsters make for irresistible romantic flings in "Gangsters in Love".

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Due to a series of unfortunate events, the gamer -- a hotel housekeeper -- lands herself among the auction prizes. Uncover the Truth — The main character dumps her cheating boyfriend only to find herself surrounded by 10 new love interests -- but nine of them are liars.

The rise of romance gaming: is the perfect boyfriend inside your phone?

Trusting no one, she sets out to uncover the truth. My Wedding and Seven Rings — An ordinary office worker unexpectedly inherits a successful company when her grandfather, the CEO, passes away. She starts getting proposals from all the ambitious men in her office, but must determine true love from blind ambition. Our Two Bedroom Story — The main character moves into a new house after her mother gets engaged. Owned by her future stepfather, the house already has a renter -- your new stepbrother, who also happens to be a co-worker.

A romance unfolds, complicating both your family relationships and career. My Forged Wedding — This is one of Voltage's earlier games -- and one of the most popular. The main character moves to Tokyo and enters into a fake marriage as a favor to a friend.

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On January 13, , Voltage Inc. The app is a unique first edition to the company's game portfolio, permitting fans of the Visual Novel romance apps to interact and talk with popular characters in a more personal setting. Following the release and success of the augmented reality app, Voltage Inc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https: Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia All stub articles.

Very rarely would you be able to find otome games that have been translated into English, so English-speaking individuals do not have many choices of otome games. Perhaps there has not been much demand from international gamers, but I believe this is due to a lack of exposure to this genre, rather than a lack of interest. The style of otome games would easily attract girls who swoon over romantic stories.

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After all, many movies with a romance theme have been pretty successful around the world in spite of the men who roll their eyes over them. Therefore, I am quite certain that otome games would have a generic appeal to many girls around the world. In recent years, things have improved for us who speak English and love otome games. There is a company called Voltage Inc. The couple initially struggled with the type of games they were going to produce. The original plan of Voltage was to provide male-oriented battle games instead of dating games for the female audience. However, that initial plan was not successful so the company changed their ways degrees and decided to produce otome games for girls instead.

It was a game changer notice the pun? In , the Japan-based company earned over 80 billion dollars! As Voltage started publishing otome games in , they so far have released quite a handful.

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Therefore, if you fall in love with one game, you can always try another one! Their games are available on the App Store and on Google Play which makes them accessible for many people. There is no need to buy a console and it is so easy and fast to install the game on your mobile device.

The games are, however, not free to play. It may be difficult for newbies to decide on which games to purchase but Voltage offers free prologues for some of their games so you can get a taste of how the story would flow and how the characters are like. Even so, you may still have a hard time choosing from the games so I will introduce to you 6 of their more popular titles:.

During your shift, you are tasked to serve the wealthy and popular folks who are attending a party at the hotel. Somehow, you wind up in a hotel room that contains many expensive items, and you happen to break an expensive glass Venus statue! It is actually in contradiction of the black market auction rules to have participants who are not willing, and therefore, you are saved by 5 dudes who buy you for a sum of 20 million dollars. You, as the player, will then be given a choice to pursue a romantic relationship with one of the bidders.

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Kissed by the Baddest Bidder. Due to a medical error 12 years ago, your mother died and the malpractice was covered up by the hospital. Ever since then, you vow to avenge the death of your mother. Your way of revenge requires you to work in the hospital, so you spend years studying to become a doctor. You want to exact your revenge as you have been hoping to all these years, as that appears to be your one true goal in life.

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