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NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! 1975 Ampeg V4B Bass Tube Amplifier Head

This information original was found on The Unofficial Ampeg Page http: I pulled this information from Google's cache of the site. It has a note at the top of the page that they were reprinting with permission from the authors of Ampeg: If anyone feels this page should be taken down, please feel free to contact me.

Ampegs can be divided into six distinct groups for dating purposes: Each group uses a unique serialization scheme that can be used to assist in dating the amps, but in many cases, it is the features and characteristics of the amps that determine the year of manufacture. Electronic Industries Association EIA codes can also be very useful for giving clues as to an amp's age.

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These codes can be found on speakers, transformers, pots, capacitors, and multi-section electrolytic "can" caps. Of course, these codes are only applicable to original components, not replacement parts.

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Shortly after World War II, American electronic component manufacturers began to stamp a semi-standardized code into the parts they produced. The code contained information regarding the manufacture and date of production. These codes have been used on components including potentiometers pots , transformers, capacitors, tubes, and speakers. The code usually consists of 6 or 7 digits such as where the first two or three digits is the EIA code for the manufacturer denotes CTS , the fourth digit and sometimes fifth digit denotes the year in this case it could be , 66, or 76 , and the last two digits denote the week of the year.

Ampeg svt-cl or Orange ad200b?

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  • Ampeg V4 Guitar Amplifier with Ampeg V4 Speaker Cabinet.
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I have a classic, but thinking of trading it for an orange. Anyone have experience with the orange?

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May 26, 8. The rear panel master is a mod.

May 26, 9. I recently just got a V4 as well. I am loving it! I'd love to have a matching cab like yours. May 26, I have two V2's 60 watt version of the V4 and Marshall cabs loaded with G's but haven't combinded the two yet. I'll have to give it a try!

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I love the G's with Marshall amps! GrecoVee , May 26, My ears hurt just looking at the pictures. Leonc , May 26, In 70s our "lead" player in our first band, the older guy who had been playing for 4 years versus 2 17 years old versus 15 , showed up with a VT22 for practice, frickin' loud. Drummer's Mom said it shook the floor of the kitchen when she made dinner as we practiced in the basement May 27, Ahhh yes, here it is: