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Sadly we did find a handful of hotels in Lebanon who clearly were not comfortable with the idea of having openly gay guests. The hotels we found in Lebanon which were open and welcoming to us as a gay couple was the Le Vendome , the Phoenicia hotel and the gay owned Casi Cielo Bed and Breakfast. For more about the best gay friendly hotels to stay check out our gay guide to Beirut.

During our visit, Grindr and Scruff worked absolutely fine and were invaluable tools for connecting with the local gay community. We were told that we are banned from Lebanon, we should not have been allowed to enter and would never be allowed to come back, with no reason given! After investigating with the different Embassies, we still have no idea why both of our names were blacklisted. Whilst it could be due to an unfortunate coincidence, the only plausible explanation for both our names to have raised alarm bells is due to our very gay public presence online, whether it was from Instagram, Grindr, Facebook or this website.

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We may never find out the reason why, but as a result, we definitely advise erring on the side of caution by taking extra care with what you post online before and during your trip. In particular, avoid posting anything gay related or just change your social media settings to private. By comparison to other Arabic countries, Lebanon is gay friendly, progressive and very liberal.

For the most part, you will be absolutely fine in Lebanon as long as you are prepared to take a step back into the closet by, for example, avoiding public displays of affection, being careful with who you meet on Grindr and taking extra care with what you post online. It's amazing that something like this exists in an Arab country. But, as we were dancing, we went to kiss each other something we regard as very normal in a gay club. This is of course reluctantly in place by the club owner in order to protect his licence.

Nonetheless, the very fact that you are not allowed to kiss your boyfriend in a gay club in Lebanon is a stark reminder that whilst it may seem free and open, you still need to take extra care here as a gay traveller. We think Lebanon is safe for gay travellers as long as you take into account certain safety precautions. Lebanon and Israel are officially at war with each other.

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For Lebanon this means that anything relating to Israel is a big no no. If you are Israeli, you are banned from ever entering Lebanon under their constitution! If you are linked to Israel in any way you are likely to be banned from entering Lebanon. If you have an Israeli stamp in your passport, you risk being refused entry to Lebanon by Immigration at the airport. If you have an Israeli sounding name or a name they think sounds Israeli, you are again likely to have problems with Immigration.

If your name matches against an entry on this database you will be refused entry unless you can prove that the person in their database is not you. Finally, as mentioned above, be careful with what you post online before and during your trip. The best thing is to set your social media settings to private for your Lebanon trip and avoid posting anything relating to Israel until after you've left. Airport immigration is terrible so come early: Beirut Airport has one of the most disorganised and slowest immigration controls we've ever experienced.

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The queues are really long and can take around hours on top of the check in and security queues. Apply for visa beforehand: A VPN may be worth getting: We cannot stress the importance of getting comprehensive travel insurance for any trip. We love it because it is easy to navigate and also includes a wide variety of options including the budget airlines. Buy a SIM card: Thanks for this comprehensive insight. I often travel with my husband to countries that are not very gay friendly and these recommendations are helpful to remember.

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Perhaps the older gay people have left for a better life somewhere freer. I know many in their early 20s who dream of leaving at the soonest opportunity. If you're looking for fun, people respond in most cases. If you're looking for friendship or dating, they disappear! Some ask are you "top" or "bottom". I usually answer that I'm both but they don't get it. For most, you have to be either or.

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If there's a match, it means both are ready to go, although some ask more questions. He is a man who loves sex and wants nothing else. He is not good at conversation or even physical intimacy. If you chat for too long he might get bored because he wants to go straight to bed. And if you take your time in bed he rushes you because he is after just one thing: Perhaps this is because of the repression he lives in his family and community, making him all about instinct rather than human contact.

It's just a gay dating app. I use it the way that suits me. If I want to play, I find someone to play with, and if I want to go on a date, I find someone to date. I downloaded the app when it was released around seven years ago.

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I used it to compliment my real dating life: It is easier to meet people online and it's freer. We live in a society that has not accepted us. If you live out your sexual orientation in secret, you often end up in an abandoned building somewhere to meet someone. Or you end up bringing someone you like home at night when your family is asleep. This is what it was like before I came out to my family. Now I conduct myself in a safer way. I put my picture on my Grindr profile.

I know how to choose partners.

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I go out at a normal time. There is the clingy person, who doesn't stop calling all day even if you don't answer. There is the paranoid person, who becomes crazy and abusive if you don't respond within a minute from a message. There is the 'Hi habibi' guy who falls in love right away. Many are also sado-masochists on Grindr in Lebanon, and want to be treated rough in bed. Another figure is the 'pimp', who wants you right now and is willing to pay.